What is Out of Eden?

Out of Eden is a Catholic apostolate challenging  men and women to walk in the truth of their creation.


The Mission


To educate and train men and women of all ages to better understand human sexuality as revealed in scripture.  I believe that mankind is suffering from widespread identity crises due to the selfish doctrines our culture upholds. Ironically the result of selfishness is the loss of self. Out of Eden combats this loss by offering age appropriate talks that will empower students, parents, and educators to strive for greatness and become who they were created to be.

It’s simple: Be Yourself! We are called together as men and women to be heirs to a throne in a kingdom that is far greater than anything we could imagine! The message of Out of Eden is rooted in the theology of man’s original design, the profound effects of the fall, and the redemption that Christ has brought through the foundation of the Church.


In Short

  • Give men and women a biblical understanding of personhood through age appropriate talks and programs
  • Inspire people to live moral lives by giving them the tools they need to discover their identity
  • Teach men and women how to cultivate a relationship with God


We live in troublesome times that desperately need authentic images of God. To put it simply:  The world needs you; an authentic you. So come! Pick up your crown and with it your cross, as we embark on the journey to stake claim in the identity, healing, and restoration that awaits us at our place in the Kingdom of Heaven!

Discover your Identity, Live Authentically