Our Lady’s Eyes

Our Lady’s Eyes

She sees what we do not see.  She is the Lady sought in the book of wisdom.  She

embodied God!


Tonight I was thinking about the Wedding Feast at Cana.  Like the good Catholic girl I am, when I want something really bad, I know to go to mamma.  But as I meditated on this passage something new unfolded.


I saw Our Lady sitting at a table with Christ. She was peaceful, joyful, simple, stunningly beautiful (obviously looking her best for such an occasion).  She was looking around.  Only, when she looks she has the ability to see!  She sees the needs of all that are there.  Scripture does not tell us how she knows that the wine is gone.  Yet, somehow we find out that she knows.  Personally I think she’s just a good Mother: always watching.


Then it happens. She approaches Christ, “There is no wine,” she says.  I imagine Christ’s face:  almost playful.  This is what Christ’s mother was created to do; she sees! She see’s right to the heart of the creatures deepest and most immediate need.  And Christ finds no greater pleasure than in allowing her to do so.  “Woman,” he says (giving her back the dignity of her name once lost by the original Woman).  “What is this to you and to me? My time has not yet come.”  Notice she does not answer Him.  Rather, in joy; knowing the power of her Son, she turns to the servant and simply instructs, “Do what ever He tells you.”


I wonder if the couple at the wedding was even aware of this miracle? I wonder if they knew that their wedding would be the most significant wedding in history?  These simple questions had me asking myself: “What do the eyes of Our Lady see when they look at me?  What needs of mine does she bring before the Lord without my even knowing?  How many times in my life have I succeeded, triumphed, overcome, all because of Our Lady’s Eyes!


I encourage all of us to reflect on the watchful gaze of Our Mother.  Allow her to renew our hearts and our spirits as we approach the crib of our Lord tomorrow on Christmas; knowing we have all we need because of Our Lady’s eyes.