Genesis 1:27 Reflection for The Coalition for Life

Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

Have you ever stopped to really consider the verse that you just
read??  YOU are made in the image of God.   But what does that mean?
I love to look up the history of words to get to the heart of what is
being conveyed.  One of the meanings of the word image is “reflection
in a mirror.”  Have you ever thought of yourself in this way?

If this is true that we are, in a sense, God’s reflection, then when
God looks in the mirror He sees YOU!  Now take that thought a step
further, what if your reflection hauled off and started to destroy
that which was most sacred to you?  You would be ticked off right?
After all, you are the reality; your image is just an image.  That is
what sin is!!  God’s Image thinking it knows better than GOD!  The
result is obvious and tragic: suffering, loss, and death.

We were made for more!!

Scripture tells us “Male and female He created them.”  Together we
represent the one God!  That means that each image of God has
something to communicate to the world about God that no other human
was made to communicate.  This is the travesty of our time.  People
ask, “where is God in the face of such evil?”  I think we all know the
answer.  The people that were meant to give the world the image of
peace, justice, and deeper love have been lost to sin, abortion, or
other tragedy.

Let us all NOT take the words of this scripture for granted.  The
answer is to be the image of God you were created to be.  No one can
be that image but YOU!  I wander what God is trying to tell us about
Himself through your Image?